KÖSTER TPO Aqua for drinking water tanks

Aurich, July 2016: Based on the initiative of our International Sales Manager, Dr. Hugo Torres, our TPO R&D team has been working on a TPO membrane for drinking water tanks in the past months, which has now been completed.

In the beginning of this month KÖSTER TPO Aqua has received the last necessary test certificates in order to be introduced to the market as a waterproofing membrane in drinking water environments. The following test certificates are now available:

  • Drinking water certification according to the German KTW-Guideline (no release of harmful substances into the water)
  • Drinking water certification according to the German W270-Guideline (no promotion of bacterial growth)
  • EN 13967 Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Plastic and rubber damp proof sheets including plastic and rubber basement tanking sheet. (This is required in order to place a CE marking on the product.)

The advantages of the KÖSTER TPO Aqua are manifold. First of all, there is almost no need for surface preparation if the surface has a good quality. There is no concern about bonding, blistering, cracking or similar, as with liquid applied solutions. The KÖSTER TPO Aqua is tear resistant and flexible. Cracks that may form in the substrate after filling the tank have no effect on KÖSTER TPO Aqua. Seams are hot welded and not bonded, which creates a homogenous, safe connection. Furthermore, the membrane is very long lasting. It has absolutely no effect on drinking water and is therefore a hygienic solution, which is underlined by its light color. KÖSTER is entering this large market for crack bridging waterproofing solutions with a superior product. The KÖSTER TPO Aqua is suitable for new constructions as well as restoration projects. KÖSTER TPO Aqua will be available at a thickness of 1.5 mm. In order to give a more detailed introduction into this topic KÖSTER will provide a webinar on the KÖSTER TPO Aqua on July 22nd. Please click here to sign up for the webinar now!

For more questions please contact Dr. Hugo Torres ( | + 351 963 908 524)



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