Waterproofing of construction joints in the wall/floor junction

For retroactive waterproofing of the wall-floor junction the boreholes have to be drilled transecting the construction joint. The borehole should be drilled approximately into the middle of the construction joint.

For this application KÖSTER Superpackers or KÖSTER One Day Site Packers are used. The injection is done with the KÖSTER 1C Injection Pump.

For this KÖSTER IN 5 can be used, which is a very low viscous polyurethane injection resin with a very long pot life. It will pass into the small and finest cracks along the construction joint.

In case of flowing water or when it is not certain if the crack is dry or wet KÖSTER 2 IN 1 is injected. It is injected twice 10 – 20 minutes apart to ensure that the joint is permanently and elastically sealed.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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